Campsites in Northumberland Ideal for Backpackers and their Dog!

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Is is not a question whether you are a professional and experienced camper or a  beginner at this activity. When backpacking through the beautiful landscapes of the UK, there is this one place that is popular because it has that outstanding weather perfect for camping and most breathtaking nature one could ever imagine; that’s NORTHUMBERLAND. It’s picturesque view and peaceful surrounding will surely calm your nerves and make you relax. Instead of staying in your houses, why don’t you grab that camping tent and call your family and friends and enjoy the beauty that nature has to offer. But that’s not all, aside from the view and the cool offers, you can tag your furry friend along with you.

  1. Bells of Hemscott – If you are looking for an old fashioned and traditional stay in, then this is the place for you. You will stay in these beautiful canvas bell tents which are all delicately decorated and have the most wonderful lights and colours that you could imagine. It’s luxury without the infringement on nature or staying in a crowded and noisy hotel. It is open during the summer months and even though the tent locations move from season to season, you can be very sure that your very own tent will be overlooking a beautiful pond which is overflowing with wildlife.
  2. Haggerston Castle Holiday Park – Have you ever wondered just how the royalties live? Well here is your chance to stay in one of the most stately of all hotels in this side of the UK. This is a 5 star park with everything from an indoor pool complex ,rope courses, pony rides and bowling greens. It has a free children’s club and a wonderful and elegant spa. You couldn’t ask for anything more because everything is here under one roof.
  3. PosHHUts – These private huts are nestled in the heart of the Northumberland National Park and they are a nice retreat for those who are sick of the city life.  These huts are equipped with chandeliers, king sized beds and a small kitchen and shower.  They are placed in their own individual gardens so when you step out your cabin, you will be exposed to nature’s breathtaking view. You will get a welcome breakfast and also a pre-made evening meal which just needs to be warmed up in your private kitchen.  These are the perfect get away treats for a the romantics out there and also for those who just really want to stay in nature without having to sleep outside. So basically, for everyone.
  4. Riverside Country Park – This is really off the beaten path and will save you from the tourist traps just around the corner.  This place has everything that an entire family could want or even for just a single person who wants to go hiking and tracking through the wilds. Everything from an indoor pool and spa to fly fishing and games in the oversized game room.  It has it’s own restaurant with a bar and free wifi for those people who just need to stay connected with the outside world no matter what that they are doing.  This is a wonderful place to stay if you want to avoid crowds and if you want to just lose yourself in nature.

Please note that camping charges are for up to a four man tent, anything above this size will be charged extra.

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