How a log cabin with a hot tub offers real luxury?

pet friendly lodges with hot tub

Log cabins are mostly situated in the distant areas in valleys and hills, amidst the forest, far from villages and populated towns to give you some privacy and calm environment with your family and loved ones. It offers luxury for you to relax as well as offers a close look on the flora and fauna of nature. Log Cabins who offers hot tub is a real luxury which goes hand in hand with the peaceful environment. This is the best thing to spoil yourself with during your vacation away from all the tiring and busy work in the city. Enjoy the day by walking through the trails in the woods, fishing and cycling and then go back to your luxurious cabin to relax in a hot tub.

Few log cabins offer real luxury by providing hot tubs on an outside area of the cabin to get a look at the woods and the nature around you. Some even overlooks the beautiful valley and river to give you a chance to relax and watch kingfishers, otters and birds to enjoy your evening. The log cabins have their private hot tubs, sometimes with jacuzzis. The hot tub also offer oil and aroma treatments which can be used through out the year. Northumberland has a number of beautiful log cabins amidst woods and valleys to offer real luxury with hot tubs. Here is a list of suggestion where you can avail these luxurious vacation offers.


Hidden River Cabin is a private and exclusive holiday lodge near River Lyne which gives you ecstatic experience of luxury in log cabins with hot tubs. The hot tubs are situated in a way that lets you relax privately. The log cabins are made up of real trees with intricate and fancy details. The cabins lets you relax and have a wonderful time with yourself to shed all your weariness. They provide Scandinavian hot tubs and spectacular view of the lake to allow you to relax while enjoying the view.

Parmontley Hall Lodge is situated in Hexam, Northumberland and is known for its exotic location, open area and breathtaking view. It was tagged as an “Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty”,the charming log cabins are boutique styled with modern features and an array of hot tubs to relax and enjoy. Every log cabin offers a verandah where you will find their hit tubs-ideal way of relaxation under the stars.

Peel Lodge is a small contemporary lodge having log cabins and hot tubs outside the cabin to ensure full luxury. It is a perfect place for couples to have some private time together.

Border Forest Lodges in Otterburn, Northumberland offers real luxury with log cabins and hot tubs on the North West corner of the National Park. It also offers a great location to explore the Northumberland National Park and Kielder Water & Forest Park. It is ideal for walking tours, fishing, cycling and outdoor sports. The key features of this lodge are the luxurious dog friendly hot tubs. The lodge offers perfect getaway from your busy life to relax and enjoy the luxury with your family and dog.

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