Successful Hiking Trip In 2015 – Be Footwear Smart!

hiking bootsGoing hiking can be an amazingly fun time but if you’ve gotten the wrong shoes for the trip it might just be the most miserable time you’ve ever had.  Getting a shoe that might be too heavy for your feet or even something that’s even a touch too small can rub your feet the wrong way and cause incredible pain and discomfort.  There are some things that you can do though to ensure that you’ve picked the right kind of footwear for your personal hiking trip.

o   Know your trip! – Are you going to be doing just some simple day hiking or are you planning on spending a few days hiking?  Knowing exactly what kind of trip you are going to have will help you greatly on picking the right kind of footwear.  Also if this is your first hiking trip no matter what footwear you buy you are going to want to try and break them in before going on your trip so making sure that you give yourself enough time is really important.

o   4 kinds of boots! – There are four different kinds of hiking shoes out there on the market and they are as follows:

light hiking boots – They are lightweight and very comfortable usually used for day hiking trips
Hiking boots – These boots are usually mid-range in height and are really great for those weekend trips of hiking.
Backpacking bootsThese boots have a very stiff midsole and can carry all kinds of weight for those people who are more seasoned in hiking.
Mountaineering boots – These are the most heavy duty boots on the market.  They are very stiff and designed to carry very heavy loads, used mainly for winter hiking or rocky hiking up mountains.

o   Material is important! – Knowing the kinds of material that you are getting in your footwear is really important.  Weather plays an important role in all of this because if you are going to be hiking through damp or wet weather like rain or snow you will want something that will keep your feet dry on the inside.  Getting a full grain leather will help to keep your feet dry on the inside.  They also sell waterproofing spray that you put on the outside of your boots before you get started and this can also give you the added protection that you might need for your trip.

o   Professional Fitting! – You might know exactly what size shoe that you wear typically but getting the perfect fit for your hiking footwear is so beyond important you might want to have a professional help you out.  At most “camping” or “outdoor” supply stores you can find associates who will measure both the length and width of your foot so that you can get the absolutely perfect fit.  This will help with both the time it takes to break in the shoes and also make sure that you have a wonderful hiking trip without a bunch of foot pain that would put a damper on your time.

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