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  • Campsites in Northumberland Ideal for Backpackers and their Dog!
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    Is is not a question whether you are a professional and experienced camper or a  beginner at this activity. When backpacking through the beautiful landscapes of the UK, there is this one place that is popular because it has that outstanding weather perfect for camping and most breathtaking nature one could ever imagine; that’s NORTHUMBERLAND. It’s picturesque view and peaceful surrounding will surely calm your nerves and make you relax. Instead of staying in your houses, why don’t you grab that camping tent and call your family and friends and enjoy the beauty that nature has to offer. But that’s not all, aside from the view and the cool offers, you can tag your furry friend along with you.

    1. Bells of Hemscott – If you are looking for an old fashioned and traditional stay in, then this is the place for you. You will stay in these beautiful canvas bell tents which are all delicately decorated and have the most wonderful lights and colours that you could imagine. It’s luxury without the infringement on nature or staying in a crowded and noisy hotel. It is open during the summer months and even though the tent locations move from season to season, you can be very sure that your very own tent will be overlooking a beautiful pond which is overflowing with wildlife.
    2. Haggerston Castle Holiday Park – Have you ever wondered just how the royalties live? Well here is your chance to stay in one of the most stately of all hotels in this side of the UK. This is a 5 star park with everything from an indoor pool complex ,rope courses, pony rides and bowling greens. It has a free children’s club and a wonderful and elegant spa. You couldn’t ask for anything more because everything is here under one roof.
    3. PosHHUts – These private huts are nestled in the heart of the Northumberland National Park and they are a nice retreat for those who are sick of the city life.  These huts are equipped with chandeliers, king sized beds and a small kitchen and shower.  They are placed in their own individual gardens so when you step out your cabin, you will be exposed to nature’s breathtaking view. You will get a welcome breakfast and also a pre-made evening meal which just needs to be warmed up in your private kitchen.  These are the perfect get away treats for a the romantics out there and also for those who just really want to stay in nature without having to sleep outside. So basically, for everyone.
    4. Riverside Country Park – This is really off the beaten path and will save you from the tourist traps just around the corner.  This place has everything that an entire family could want or even for just a single person who wants to go hiking and tracking through the wilds. Everything from an indoor pool and spa to fly fishing and games in the oversized game room.  It has it’s own restaurant with a bar and free wifi for those people who just need to stay connected with the outside world no matter what that they are doing.  This is a wonderful place to stay if you want to avoid crowds and if you want to just lose yourself in nature.

    Please note that camping charges are for up to a four man tent, anything above this size will be charged extra.

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    How to beat the wind and set up a small family tent properly
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    Trying to set up a tent just before a storm coming can be nerve wracking especially when you’ve got children tagging along who want to be as helpful as they possibly can be. Getting kids involved in setting up camping equipment will actually teach them to respect the property. It doesn’t have to be a stressful situation at all if you follow these easy steps to get your family tent set up in no time.

    Read The Instructions – All tents can be different and that means you have to read the instructions.

    Wide Open Spaces – Make sure that you pick a space that is not only flat but also open. Ensure that it is close enough to the fire that if it gets cold at night, it will be easy for to keep warm, but not too close to that you might set the tent on fire. Make sure that you check which direction the wind is coming from and make sure that you position the door away from the winds that might come through. Do not set up in dry washes because of flash flooding and make sure that you keep your sleeping area away from the cooking and toilet area of the camp.

    Lay out the materials – Laying out all the pieces of the tent will help you keep track of what you have and also what you’ve used and what you will use next. Sometimes the pieces come labeled and sometimes they do not.

    Inside Out – Work from the inside out meaning that you will do the inner most poles and attachments first then work your way out to the edges. Ensuring that you’ve left yourself enough space on both sides so that it can be stretched out properly when the pegs go into the ground.

    Tent Poles – Put together your tent poles before you start working. Most of the modern tent poles now have elastic ties which hold them together so they are very easy to take down and to put into place.

    1. camping siteTent Sleeves – Place the poles through the tent sleeves and it should make an x at the top.

      Tent pegs – Position the poles and pegs together on the ground and use a rubber mallet to pound these into the ground ensure that they are secure. You will do this usually with 4 sides some of the larger tents will have 6.

      Tent Fly – This is usually used to keep out the rain and insects. If you decide not to use use, make sure that the weather is great.

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    5 great outdoor activities families can do all together
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    Having 2 teenage daughters and 3 boys under the age of 10 it can sometimes be really hard in finding things that everyone wants to do together. Our daughters are really into their computers and music and spend a ton of time in their rooms, whereas our boys are into video games and playing outside. So getting together on the weekends when nothing else is going on, when were trying to figure out something that everyone is willing to do together was really hard for us until we realized getting the kids out of the house was the best idea. I’ve got 5 really great activities that works for both teens and also younger children.

    1. Simon Says – I know this is going to seem a bit silly but my kids really love this game and it really helps us as parents to instill some healthy activities into their daily lives. We do everything from running in place all the way up to making them act out elaborate scenes from their favorite movies or cartoons. It is a fantastic way to really get them off their backsides and in motion. I am a huge supporter of having healthy kids and helping them maintain a healthy weight as well. With childhood obesity skyrocketing, playing a game like Simon says allows them to get the exercise that they need without it feeling like I am pressuring them or making them do exercise in the first place.

    2. Let’s Play Ball! – Everyone in my house loves sports and I feel very fortunate about that. We vote down between who likes football and who likes baseball. Those are our two very favorite ball games to play. They have a very nice park down the street from our house that has both a baseball diamond and also a space wide enough to play a bit of the flag football that my husband and my oldest son likes so much.

    family bonding

    3. Treasure Hunts! – We try to keep our meals and snacks as healthy as we can get them, but every once in a while we have a treasure hunt game and the winner gets a full sized candy bar as their reward. With 6 people in our house we build teams of 2 and then go off on our adventures. They do everything from a treasure map to using GPS systems on their cell phones to track and find the treasures at the end.

    4. Gardening. – Now this one seems a bit strange but getting your kids involved in something that you love is super important. Kids of all ages love to feel helpful and useful, and when they see their work pay off in the garden it will keep them interested. We have our children pluck weeds from the rows of vegetables that we are growing. We allow them to pick ripe fruits and even allow them to water and feed the plants themselves. It’s a great way for all of us to spend time together doing something that helps the household as well.

    5. Camping-nothing else sounds as fun and healthy but an outdoor camping trip! Aside from the fact that we love to travel, this is a great way to teach the kids how to survive in the wild.