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    Why Northumberland is one of the best places for camping?
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    Situated in the northern part of the UK, with beautiful scenery of the flora and fauna, Northumberland is quite famous especially for camping activities. The untouched nature and wildlife of this area will leave you breathless and in awe. Aside from camping, there are also countless activities to choose from in Northumberland. There are quite a few camping sites you can choose from for your weekend getaway or holiday go to. It is a perfect choice to go for camping in Northumberland with family, friends or even as couples to find some time of privacy.

    Camping has always been fun and entertaining. Be it star gazing at night time, going for day-long hiking trips, cycling, bird spotting, fishing or going on an adventurous trip, camps and caravan are ideal for such tours. The calm and cool weather with bright sunshine at day time makes camping ideal.

    Northumberland has lots of major attractions such as beautiful valleys and gardens to historical forts and castles having some great stories of it own. Sandy beaches, coasts, distant places in valleys giving enough privacy, calm and serene hill tops, colorful gardens, open sky, close to nature and wildlife make Northumberland a must visit for camping. Northumberland offers plenty of camp sites with exotic locations, lots of opportunities and each site having its own attraction. The weather is perfect for camping with bright sunshine and calm and soothing clear nights.

    The campsites and caravans are spacious, quite, modern and fully equipped providing all facilities from WiFi, swimming pool to gym and clubhouse for kids’ entertainment. Treat yourself to some of the best local sea foods including sea bass and crabs, fresh pies, local delicacies and cheese.

    Some of the famous campsites of Northumberland are:


    • Beadnell Bay Club Campsite: With picturesque view of Northumberland coast on one side and mystical view of the Cheviot Hill on the other side, Beadnell Bay Club camp have the best location and facilities with friendly atmosphere. From modern camping facilities of WiFi, hotspots, pubs, recreational spots to open cycling space and sparsely populated coast. Beadnell camp has it all to make your camping vacation a hit.

      Bellingham Club Campsite: Stunning view of valleys and Northumberland coast at its East, Bellingham Club camp has all facilities needed with comfortable environment. Peaceful ambience and pubs near it attracts a lot of tourist.

    Beadnell Bay Club Campsite

    • Dunstan Hill Club Campsite: With serene and calm environment situated a mile away from coast, amidst valleys and hills, offers privacy and quiet environment for you to rest and enjoy your vacation away from the hustle bustle of the world.
    • Haltwhistle Club Campsite: Situated within the deep forest of Northumberland National Park, Haltwhistle Club camp is close to flora and fauna. Amidst the forest, it has a magnificent cycling site and fishing facility in the nearby river, with theses also comes modern facilities needed to make you comfortable. The greatest attraction is the beautiful nature which surrounds it and few churches from the 12th century giving you the opportunity to know your history well.