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    10 Beautiful Fishing Spots in Northumberland
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    10 Beautiful Fishing Spots in Northumberland

    Northumberland is situated by the coast and is famous for sea and river fishing. Amongst the beautiful landscape and natural coast, fishing is a sport which attracts tourists the most. Northumberland has numerous fishing spots, coastlines and even few cottages which especially offers fishing sport. Here are some of the beautiful fishing spots in Northumberland:

    • Kielder Water: This is the most popular fishing spot in Kielder Water & Forest Park which offers lots of opportunities and activities for customers on vacation. This is the biggest artificial lake in the United Kingdom. Plashett’s Bay, Belling Inlet and Leaplish or Tower Knowe are also ideal spots for fishing which attracts fly fishing the most.

    • Felton Fence Fisheries: Situated amidst the historic town of Alnwick and the coastline of World Heritage, Felton Fence Fisheries offers splendid holiday cottages and beautiful fishing spots. The fishery has four lakes namely, Fence Lake, Fox Lake, Mallard Lake and Badger Lake. Enjoy a holiday with all fishing facilities and equipment offered both for newbies and experts.

    • Fontburn Reservoir: This is near the Rothbury Village with the beautiful Northumberland coast at its back, Fontburn Reservoir offers some of the best trout fishing. Best known for family fishing with a friendly environment, the reservoir is easy to reach and ideal for a day out fishing. With all facilities of fishing and refreshments made available, it is a perfect outing spot for family and friends.

    • Alnmouth Beach: Alnmouth beach near River Aln is a perfect spot for fishing as well as for family and friends outing. The beach is famous for Sea Trout and Salmon found during Summer. It offers Plaice, Bass and Mackerel to catch. The beaches make it a fun tour for kids while making it as exciting for adults.

    • Amble: Amble Angling Centre offers one of the best spots for fishing experience. It offers both sea water and saltwater fishes while fishermen aid you with fishing. The most common fish to be found in the season is cod. Fishing in Amble Rocks is a more challenging experience with shallow waters and high tides, but is a challenge worth experiencing.

    • Felton and West Thirston: These are small villages with River Coquet flowing through it. The village gives a distant relaxed environment with the joy of catching fishes including Salmon and Sea Trout.

    Fishing Place

    • Beadnell Sea Fishing: Situated near the Northumberland coastline, Beadnell Sea Fishing offers great opportunity of fishing and camping. It is a perfect spot to enjoy the vacation with your family, friends and kids enjoying fishing in the perfect weather. The great attracting feature of the spot is that it is well suited for apprentice sea-fishers.

    • Eyemouth Golf Course Cliffs: The Golf Club has more to offer apart from golf, a wonderful fishing experience from the cliffs. It is a fun experience but can be challenging enough with fast rising tides which needs to be taken care of. It is a perfect place for sea-fishers looking for some challenging sea sport.

    • Low Newton-By-The-Sea: Situated in the Northumberland coastline, Low Newton offers a perfect fishing spot which includes a pub and a great beach walk. The beautiful environment of beach is soothing as well as fun for fishing.

    • Blythe Pier Fishing: Blythe Pier fishing provides a brilliant harbor best for pier fishing. It is perfect place to drop by on a sunny day for fishing and relaxing. The place is a worth giving a try for its atmosphere and great fishing environment.


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    5 great outdoor activities families can do all together
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    Having 2 teenage daughters and 3 boys under the age of 10 it can sometimes be really hard in finding things that everyone wants to do together. Our daughters are really into their computers and music and spend a ton of time in their rooms, whereas our boys are into video games and playing outside. So getting together on the weekends when nothing else is going on, when were trying to figure out something that everyone is willing to do together was really hard for us until we realized getting the kids out of the house was the best idea. I’ve got 5 really great activities that works for both teens and also younger children.

    1. Simon Says – I know this is going to seem a bit silly but my kids really love this game and it really helps us as parents to instill some healthy activities into their daily lives. We do everything from running in place all the way up to making them act out elaborate scenes from their favorite movies or cartoons. It is a fantastic way to really get them off their backsides and in motion. I am a huge supporter of having healthy kids and helping them maintain a healthy weight as well. With childhood obesity skyrocketing, playing a game like Simon says allows them to get the exercise that they need without it feeling like I am pressuring them or making them do exercise in the first place.

    2. Let’s Play Ball! – Everyone in my house loves sports and I feel very fortunate about that. We vote down between who likes football and who likes baseball. Those are our two very favorite ball games to play. They have a very nice park down the street from our house that has both a baseball diamond and also a space wide enough to play a bit of the flag football that my husband and my oldest son likes so much.

    family bonding

    3. Treasure Hunts! – We try to keep our meals and snacks as healthy as we can get them, but every once in a while we have a treasure hunt game and the winner gets a full sized candy bar as their reward. With 6 people in our house we build teams of 2 and then go off on our adventures. They do everything from a treasure map to using GPS systems on their cell phones to track and find the treasures at the end.

    4. Gardening. – Now this one seems a bit strange but getting your kids involved in something that you love is super important. Kids of all ages love to feel helpful and useful, and when they see their work pay off in the garden it will keep them interested. We have our children pluck weeds from the rows of vegetables that we are growing. We allow them to pick ripe fruits and even allow them to water and feed the plants themselves. It’s a great way for all of us to spend time together doing something that helps the household as well.

    5. Camping-nothing else sounds as fun and healthy but an outdoor camping trip! Aside from the fact that we love to travel, this is a great way to teach the kids how to survive in the wild.